“The expressive use of the body, mind and feelings allows for the completion of unprocessed and unexpressed reactions”.(Pearson and Wilson, 2009)



Offering specialised appointments for children, couples and more.

When talk therapy is not enough....



Specialising in a variety of models that can assist children and their families with:

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Acting out, angry or disruptive behaviour.

  • Defiancy

  • Withdrawn or shy behaviour.

  • Depression.

  • Past trauma and neglect.

  • Attachment issues, due to adoption, multiple placement issues.

 Theraplay, trained and certified.


Kelly focuses on the relationship between the child and the significant carers.  

For the significant carer, they start to learn about the underlying motivation of the child's behaviour and how to address and meet these needs in a way that keeps the relationship intact.

For the child, they learn new ways to overcome fear, build trust and find new ways to manage  and think about themselves.Within the session the child and significant carer are guided through a series of playful games, nurturing interactions and challenging activities. These are all easily transferring into the family home and help bring about healthy ways of being.



One of Kelly's passion is working with couples.  Having trained in a variety of models and worked as a couples counsellor with Relationships Australia for over 10 years, Kelly has had the honour of being invited into the most personal, emotional spaces between the couple and seen the impact that a disconnected relationship can have on the individual and family.  Working with a gentle strength of empathy, patience, psychoeducation and a bagful of evidence based tools- Kelly loves to support you to get connected and stay connected.




Offering a widerange of Expressive Therapies.

Sandtray, Symbol Work, Body Focus, Drawings, Art, Clay, Music and Movement, Bioenergetics, Manadals. 

From child to adult and all in-between, a way for the individual to feel safe, to access and see their inner conflicts in a non- confronting way.  The individual has choices in the way they tell their story, allowing them to expressive it in as many different forms as possible.  A way to release and transform old wounds, old stories and rewrite to the new.